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Nutrition Science Meets Kitchen Wisdom 

Welcome to your NOURISHED pregnancy. 

Monarch & Milkweed offers holistic nutrition programs for an empowered journey into parenthood. We help you discover optimal nourishment for your body and baby using whole foods, herbal remedies, and everyday rituals. Our work is rooted in building knowledge and skills to support life-long nourishment practices, confidence in the kitchen, and deep connection to the body’s inner wisdom.




Empower your pregnancy with four trimesters of intimate, live group classes on nutrition and childbirth.   



Nutrition Counseling

Individualized support for pregnancy planning, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition.

The Pregnancy Pod is an immersive, four-trimester, live group program designed for an empowered pregnancy journey.

Limited to 12 participants, this intimate experience provides everything you need to know for nourishing your body and growing baby, preparing for labor, and optimizing postpartum healing.


A combination of group sessions and one-on-one support calls, you'll learn, share, and grow along with others at the same stage of pregnancy. 


Equal parts education, community, and personal exploration, we developed the program we believe every birthing person deserves.  

Carly is understanding, incredibly knowledgeable, and nurturing in the most supportive way possible. We feel very blessed to have had her with us through our full pregnancy journey and beyond.

Kaiya Shepard, Carly's Pregnancy Planning and Prenatal Nutrition Client

After just a few days of implementing Carly's plan, I can tell a huge difference in my energy levels, my cravings are lessened . . . . Her kind and nurturing way of guiding me through the process was so helpful around a topic often fraught with guilt and shame. Carly is revolutionary!

Alex Verheecke, Carly's Prenatal Nutrition Client

When we showed up at Melissa's class we barely knew anything. But what we left with was truly priceless because we felt empowered will all the knowledge we had. After my hospital birth, I felt like I had calmly vouched for myself even when in extreme pain and I definitely credit Melissa's class for that!

Gail Rankin, Melissa's CBE class participant


Learn Nutrition &

Herbal Remedies


Develop Nourishment

Skills & Practices


Honor the Body's 

Wisdom & Intuition

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Hi! I'm Carly, founder of Monarch & Milkweed.

I know that when it comes to your future baby you want the best. You want to know you’re doing everything you can to nourish this little being growing inside you. You’ve searched the internet, you’ve asked your friends and family, and there’s just SO MUCH noise out there telling you what to do. 

I get it. When I was pregnant, I held a Masters degree in Nutrition from Columbia University and had spent my entire professional life helping others use food as medicine. And it was STILL massively overwhelming to figure out what to do for MY body, MY baby.  

When you’re zapped of energy, doing your best just to make it through the day, you want a friend who’s been through it to guide you through the supplements aisle and show you what prenatals to take. You want a community – one that shares your values – to offer suggestions, wisdom, and support.

Monarch & Milkweed was born from a calling to offer back all that I’ve learned, and to walk this transformational journey alongside others. The work we will do together is a partnership. I offer the latest science, time-tested remedies, and kitchen hacks. You know your body and what’s best for you. Together we nourish this pregnancy!

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