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Nutrition Counseling

Through nutrition counseling we can address your unique challenges and goals. Specializing in pregnancy planning, prenatal, and postnatal nutrition counseling, Carly's holistic, individualized plans weave together nutritional recommendations, herbal remedies, and lifestyle practices like movement, meditation, and more. We emphasize intuitive eating, cooking skills, and meaningful, sustainable changes that make the biggest impact on your health and wellness. 


The Pregnancy Pod

Our immersive, four-trimester, live group program designed for an empowered pregnancy journey. Limited to 12 participants, this intimate program provides everything you need to know for nourishing your body and growing baby, preparing for labor, and optimizing postpartum healing. Through 16 interactive, 90-minute sessions, you'll learn, share, and grow along with others at the same stage of pregnancy. Equal parts education, community, and personal exploration, we developed the program we believe every birthing person deserves. 

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